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R programming institute in Chandigarh


Learn R programming with the best training institute in Chandigarh- Rohar Academy

R is open-source programming software that is fit for taking care of numerical and statistical manipulations. It has its own programming language just as built-in functions to play out any specific task. In this R programming training course offered by Rohar Academy, Chandigarh, you will figure out how to program in R and how to utilize R for data analysis. You will figure out how to install and configure software required for a statistical programming environment and Data Science. This R programming course covers hands-on statistical computing which covers programming in R, installing & accessing R packages, reading data into R, writing functions in R, debugging R code, and commenting in R code. Topics covered in statistical data analysis will give an overview of working models. Register now with Rohar Academy for the best R programming training course in Chandigarh.

Course Objectives

The main objectives of the course are:

  • To expose the learners to key programming concepts in R
  • To enable the learners to figure out how to organize, modify, and clean the data frame, an important data structure in R.
  • To enable the learners to create data visualizations to exhibit insights in data!
  • To guide them, finish up with statistics and hypothesis testing to turn into a data science expert.


You do not need to know how to code to enroll in this R programming course! Mathematics background up to class 12 is required. Having some preliminary knowledge will be useful however not really mandatory.

Target Audience

UG students of Science and Engineering. Students with a basic mathematical background can also enroll. Working professionals in data analytics or anyone involved in programming, mathematical and statistical computations, simulations, and data analysis can also enroll in this R programming course.

Learning Outcomes

  • Basic R syntax
  • Basic R programming concepts such as data types, vectors arithmetic, and indexing
  • Fundamentals of R syntax, including assigning variables and doing simple operations with vectors
  • Lists, matrix, arrays, and data frames.
  • Conditional statements, functions, classes, and debugging.
  • Reading and writing data in R in multiple formats


  • In this R programming course, you will ace the essentials of this excellent open-source language, including factors, lists, and data frames.
  • With the knowledge gained in this R programming course, you will be prepared to attempt your first very own data analysis.
  • This R programming course sets you up to tackle real-world data analysis challenges.

Why learn R?

R is broadly utilized by data scientists around the globe and in light of current circumstances: practically all the basic features that are required by data scientists is accessible with R. As indicated by a survey conducted by O’Reilly Media in 2014, R is the most mainstream programming language utilized by data science experts. The R programming language permits you to run data science calculations with no compiler, which makes the development of code more productive. Additionally, R is a statistical language, so it’s anything but difficult to change over statistical models into code utilizing R. So, enroll now in the best R Programming training course offered by Rohar Academy, Chandigarh, and achieve great heights in your career.

Module 1 - R basics

Introduction to R
5 questions
Use of software
Math, Variables, and Strings
Math, Variables, and Strings
6 questions
Vectors and Factors
Vectors and Factors
7 questions
Vector operations

Module 2 - Data structures in R

Arrays & Matrices
Data frames

Module 3 - R programming fundamentals

Conditions and loops
Functions in R
Objects and Classes

Module 4 - Working with data in R

Reading CSV and Excel Files
Reading text files
Writing and saving data objects to file in R

Module 5 - Strings and Dates in R

String operations in R
Regular Expressions
Dates in R

Module 6 - Graphics and plots

Statistical functions for central tendency
Variation, skewness and kurtosis
Handling of bivariate data through graphics
Correlations, programming and illustration with examples.
R is a programming language and environment that is used in many fields for statistical analysis. R is also completely free and open source.
Yes, we do not assume a background in programming.
No. we wish to give you a thorough introduction of the basic concepts of
This course is suitable for UG students of Science and Engineering. Students of humanities with basic mathematical background can also do it. Working professionals in analytics and anyone involved in programming, mathematical and statistical computations, simulations and data analysis can also do it.
You can pay by cash or transfer online.
Simple! Just give us a call over phone or send us an inquiry. Our representatives will get in touch with you and provide the exact consultation by offering advice and guidance on choosing the right course for your needs.
Yes, we provide course completion certificate on successful completion of the training session.
In the training, you will learn the basic concepts of R, and you'll end with the confidence to start writing your own R scripts.
Instructor led and online are the two modes of learning we offer.
Our training will be a combination of theory and practice for each module. We also provide exposure on projects and give assignments to test your skill sets.
No. You cannot become an expert in couple of months. The course will give you strong fundamentals on which you can build your expertise. But our courses will reduce the time for you to become an expert.
The topics would the same, more, or less. The major difference we think we have is Our knowledge delivery method. Our expert trainers have mentored many students and gave fulfilling careers to all of them. Other difference we see is the way we have structured the course with all required content, videos, templates, checklists, assignments, and live experience.

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Duration: 2 Months (60 hrs)
Lectures: 22


Working hours

Monday9:30 am - 6.00 pm
Tuesday9:30 am - 6.00 pm
Wednesday9:30 am - 6.00 pm
Thursday9:30 am - 6.00 pm
Friday9:30 am - 6.00 pm
Saturday9:30 am - 6.00 pm
R Programming Training Institute In Chandigarh